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Tax Resolution

When people come to us, they often feel lost and discouraged. They’ve lived for so long
in a constant state of stress and anxiety over their tax problems that they don’t even
remember life without the constant threat of the IRS hanging over their head. They
want nothing more than to make the problem go away, but don’t even know where to

But we do. At Go-Pro Tax & Accounting, we are problem solvers. We come to work
every day eager to take on the tax troubles that plague our clients, and transform their
stress into relief.

Weather you have back taxes to file or have been paying taxes for year. We can help get the amount you owe down.

As part of our client-first approach to tax resolution, we use a state-of-the-art tax
resolution process that eliminates the need for our clients to spend hours pouring over
mounds of paperwork. Our process ensures that any work that needs to be done on the
clients’ end is simple and intuitive. Don’t worry, we take care of all the complicated

Get to know the pros who want to solve your IRS problems:

Cindy Baucom