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Tax Preparation Process for Individual & Corporate Tax Returns

Timelines and Considerations Here are some important dates and considerations for us to help manage expectations:

  • Friday, March 30 2018
    • All tax documentation must be received for us to guarantee an on-time filing (we routinely receive documentation well into April and still complete the tax returns on time. We just can't promise it)
  • Saturday, April 14th 2018
    • All eFile authorizations must be received and paid for.
    • All extension authorizations must be in and paid for.
  • Tuesday, April 18th 2018
    • The filing deadline since April 15 is a Sunday and Monday is a holiday. Tax payments are also due.
  • Our normal turn around time after receiving everything we need is 7-10 days. We will update you by email or text alerts along the way.


Client Engagement Agreement In the past we've not been as stringent on engagement agreements. However, the IRS, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, ethical guidelines and our professional liability insurance now require client engagement agreements. They can be demanding that way. Please click on the link below to electronically review and sign this agreement.

Engagement Agreement                

Security and Privacy Procedures Your security and privacy is very important to everyone here. Please review the various policies and procedures which are implemented to protect your confidential information. 

Security & Privacy Policy

Update Your Contact Information Even if you are a returning client, please confirm your phone numbers and email addresses. Also, the IRS and several states are requiring that a government issued ID be electronically submitted with your tax returns to curb identify theft. Use the link below or the link on the right side of this page to securely provide this information.

Secure File Send


Tax Questionnaires We have online organizers that you can use to send us your tax information. By using these forms your information will be sent to us through our secure file sending feature. We also offer a client portal for you to review and share information. These forms can be found on our forms list page. Start with the basic information  and move to additional deductions if you have a small business.

Basic information

Forms List Page

ACA Compliance The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare has unique tax consequences that we must discuss. Form 1095 is being used to report your heath insurance coverage. You may receive one of three versions.

  • 1095-A    Marketplace (We will need this form if you got insurance from the Marketplace)
  • 1095-B    Private Insurance
  • 1095-C    Company Sponsored Insurance

You should receive your form by the end of February. Please be sure to send these to us.

Business, Rentals and Other Worksheets we have created worksheets for your small business, home offices, vehicle expenses, rental property and 1099-misc tax forms. Please review our online worksheets here.

Using the worksheets will help you organize your various expenses so they can be accurately processed. There might be expenses you are overlooking or forgetting. We believe a lot of clients are leaving money on the table by not using our worksheets.


Sending us your Documents We provide worldwide tax preparation service and your ability to communicate with us is critical to everyone's success. Your comfort level in sending sensitive and personal information is our top priority so we have implemented five ways to safely and securely send your tax documents to us.

Client Portal - Since 2014 we have offered a client portal which provides secure, online document exchange. The Client Portal will allow you to securely upload your tax document to our office. As more companies electronically provide year-end tax statements and forms, and as scanners become more user friendly, uploading these files wills save you time and resources. In addition, the Client Portal can be used to retrieve and review your tax returns prior to e-filing. We can also send notes back and forth similar to email only securely. We offer two versions this year one where we can save your tax returns for your access as needed and one for temporary storage until your returns are completed and filed. Here is a link to explain how one of these portals works.

Note: Our preference is for you to create one ginormous PDF file of all your paper tax documents. We understand that some of your tax statements will be separate PDFs since you received them electronically. No worries, do what you can but know that submitting one PDF is best.

Most computers have a PDF printer already installed. If not, please do an internet search for free PDF printers. We use Cute PDF and love it. This is a very handy tool which installs a PDF Printer allowing you to print anything to a PDF file. Screen Shots, online activity, excel spreadsheets, anything you normally print to paper can be saved as a PDF. This is especially useful for bank websites or other websites where you cannot directly save the information.

And there is a cool site www.pdfmerge.com which will securely merge PDFs into one big PDF file for free.

We understand that not everyone will be comfortable using the client portal and therefore we will accommodate all requests for alternative ways of sending your tax documents to us.

Secure Send If you do not want to set up a portal or you do not feel safe having your documents online we also offer a secure send service where you can securely send us your documents but they will not be available online. here.

Secure Fax - If you decide to fax your tax documents to us our fax number is (866) 929-5869. We will email or text you that we have received your documents and let you know if any were not receive clearly. Please provide a cover sheet with all faxes that includes your name, phone number and email address. Make sure you also include the number of pages we should receive. Thank you.

Mail - If you wish you may mail your documents to us. Please do not send us originals. Our address is:

Go-Pro Tax & Accounting 

Mailing AddressPhysical Address
PO Box 2282
Shallotte, NC 28459
5282 Main Street #3
Shallotte, NC 28470

Road Trip - We are located close to Holden Beach. So come for a long weekend. There are a number of hotels available in the area. If you bring us your documents then you can deduct your miles here and back home, your hotel for one day (if you spend the night) and 50% of the meals while traveling here and home. Not a bad idea!

If you live in or around Shallotte, NC or if you want to use Google Hangout (similar to Skype) please schedule an appointment through our website.

Please note: if you wish us to mail you hard copies of your returns we will send them to you in May.

Let Us Know, Lastly, you can use any combination of these methods. If you want to upload some documents and fax others, we are flexible. However, it is difficult to know when clients are done sending their tax documents. So, please send us an email to info@go-proinc.com or give us a call at (910) 805-1458 Shallotte or (704) 249-2781 Charlotte to let us know you are done sending. 

Also, if you are waiting for that last K-1 or 1099, please send what you have. We will prepare a preliminary tax return, and simply drop in the late document at the last minute.