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"Day in and day out, your tax accountant can make or lose you more money than any single person in your life, with the possible exception of your kids."

-- Harvey Mackay

How true is that. It is not how much your tax preparer charges you that counts; it is how much your tax preparer saves you.

Here our goal is to help you keep more of your money not just for this year but forever.

We look for creative ways to use the tax laws in your favor. Our second goal is to keep you out of an AUDIT.

I have written about how to win if you are ever audited. You can find this information in our blog.

We offer income growth strategy sessions to help you save money. We will review your situation and your goals, then we will make a plan and set up mini goals to make sure you get it right. Let us help you by making an appointment TODAY


As an example we save Phillip T. $46,237. His taxes were filed showing he owed the IRS $24,462 and NC $5,587 or $30,049. With my help he now received a refund of $18,200 from the IRS and lowered the amount he owed NC to $2,012 a huge savings netting a refund of $16,188 instead of owing $30,049.

Another example we saved Glen A $1,943. His taxes were filed showing he owed the IRS $2,044 and a refund from state of $126. This a net of him owing $1,878. When we were finished he owed the IRS $42 and received a refund of $67 which is a net of $25 refunded to him.

Another example Brooklyn and her husband owed the IRS $621 and NC a refund of $457, net owe $164. Her results were a IRS refund of $177 and NC of $639, which is a net of $816 refunded to them. A savings of $980.

Would you rather pay $30,049 or get a refund of $16,188? We are not saying we can help you. What we are saying is lets get together and see. The consultation is free so what are you waiting for. CALL TODAY 910-805-1458