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Business Services: Business Formation

Get your business set up correctly the first time. Let us discuss the proper entity type for your needs and goals, that not only work today but is something you can rely on for the future. Among the questions to be answered liability, self-employment taxes, retirement saving and solo 401k plans, accountability plans, as well as exit strategies. All of this before we can decide on how to set up your business. Your choices are LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability partnership, Limited Liability Corporation, Sole Proprietorship just to name a few.

LLC for people in the know LLC stands for Lawyer's likely Choice. All kidding aside, most of these business types are easy to set up yourself with a little research you can do it. Most know the benefits but not the pitfalls. One such is that an LLC will NOT protect you from a lawsuit. If you personally do the damage you can be sued personally as well.

Our fee to set up your company will be $125. Yes companies like LegalZoom look like they would be cheaper. However, after all the add on's we normally come out less. You will also need to pay $125 to the NC Secretary of State.

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